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Sexual/Pregnancy Discrimination?--Pennsylvania

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  • Sexual/Pregnancy Discrimination?--Pennsylvania

    First off, I apologize if I post this under the wrong category--I just found your board this evening.

    I am finding myself in an increasingly uglier situation with my employer. I am 34 years old, 28 weeks pregnant, working in a warehouse as a Warehouse Specialist--my job has me covering 4 Inbound Departments trouble shooting problems, auditing, being general "eyes" for the supervisors. The warehouse floor is not air-conditioned and the work conditions are miserable at best--temperatures approaching 100 and more. Limited areas do have A/C--cafeteria, rest rooms, supervisors offices, administration, Human Resources, areas in which I do not work. There are fans providing minimal air circulation.

    Work dress codes are reasonable--shorts must be finger tip length, shoes must fully enclose your foot (no sandals), offensive clothing prohibited--offensive being decided by your fellow co-worker.

    Today to work I wore Khaki shorts (more than finger tip length with my arms at my side), short socks and sneakers and a Tank top with thin straps (I guess what you would call "spaghetti straps"?). I was reported to Security for my Offensive top. I am trying to be comfortable while I'm 28 weeks pregnant in a miserable environment. I was given the option of going home and changing which I declined as I have an hour commute each direction and opted to go home. I was given the option of wearing a t-shirt from the company which I declined. At this point I was so angry I didn't feel I would be productive at work and left.

    My problem is being singled out for my tank top when this time of year there are many people wearing tank tops, painfully short shorts, and clothes so tight there is nothing left to the imagination. It seems the Under 20-something ladies and anybody not-causasian (which I am) can wear whatever they please and do whatever they please with no repurcussions.

    Most days I do not get my breaks trying to get my job done. On a daily basis I have to violate my doctors 15 pound weight restriction to move product or full cartons, otherwise too many jobs will not get done.

    I have also otherwise been harrassed by other supervisors--one going completely off the deep end on me because of his ENTIRE department not following company procedures (apparently, company rules do not apply to this entire department/shift) and has yet to apologize to me for his ill behavior. I have been harassed by fellow co-workers for minding my own business and doing my job. As part of my job, I am an also an Auditor and do report employee errors/issues therefore I am the "bad guy". I go to work to do a job and am not a social butterfly.

    Sorry this is so long winded, and it really just touches the tip of the iceberg. Any advice on what, if anything, I should do? I have been employed with this company for 6 years and have a "clean" employee record--no issues involving any kind of corrective actions and all my reviews have been excellent over the years.

    Many thanks for any feedback any has to offer,

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    Pregnancy Discrimination

    If you are being singled out because of your pregnancy, etc., it could be seen as discrimination. You can read about pregnancy discrimination at:
    Lillian Connell

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