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Pennsylvania - Nepotism - Unemployment

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  • Pennsylvania - Nepotism - Unemployment

    I worked in a bakery for 2 years. Approximately one year and five months of which I was bakery manager. When I took this position I was given no training at all. During the time I was in management I constantly had problems with not having supplies I needed, not having accurate inventory reports and the bakery not being cleaned as it should be. All of which was the responsibility of my supervisor’s son. I complained about this to my supervisor and asked why I was not permitted to order the supplies as the previous bakery managers had done. I was very capable of doing this but was not permitted to do so. Then I found out that through arbitration it was recommended “that as conditions permit the company upgrade the bakery manager position and fill it with a professional who has thorough knowledge of bakery practice and procedures as well as the ability to address quality problems. The manager should be in charge of production, procurement, inventory and shipping. The shipping and receiving associate (my supervisor’s son, whom I had been having problems with already and nothing was ever done to correct the problem ) should report to the manager, who in turn should report to the director of operations.” When I learned this I clocked out, gave my bakery key to a fellow employee and went home. I never heard a word from my supervisor or anyone else from the bakery until three days later when I received a certified letter stating I was terminated, reason being that I clocked out and walked off the job.

    My question is, should I be eligible for unemployment benefits? I have kept documentation through out my time of management of times I did not have ingredients that I needed, did not receive accurate inventory reports and times, along with pictures, when the bakery was not cleaned properly.

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    Since you walked off the job (quit), it is not likely that you will get unemployment ins. However, you can certainly apply.
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