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Unemployment Benefits during pregnancy Pennsylvania

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  • Unemployment Benefits during pregnancy Pennsylvania


    My wife's previous employer has closed the regional office where my wife worked and she has since applied for the unemployment benefits, which just started and will end in July, 2007. My wife is also in the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy.

    About 2 weeks ago, my wife recieved a letter from the PA Unemployment Agency, saying that she has to come in for her 1st interview, so that they can discuss what type of job she can qualify for.

    My question is this: Once they find out that she is pregnant, they will assume that she won't be able to work after giving birth.

    Knowing this information, will they stop her unemployment benefits?

    Any information to this matter will be appreciated.


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    The DOL cannot assume that she is unavailable for work, but her appearance will clearly provoke those questions.

    She must simply be honest. If and when she files she is still able, available and actively seeking full-time employment then she need nto worry. If she is not all of those things, but claims she is and is later determined to have fraudulenty collected benefits then she should.

    During the time she is clearly not available, ie just prior to birth and soon thereafter, she will simply be determined ineligible due to availability. Once she is again available she will be able to receive benefits. Otherwise, she could always wait to file although that will likely lessen her maximum benefits.

    And, congrats and good luck!


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