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Docking Pay Pennsylvania

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  • Docking Pay Pennsylvania

    I work in a Dental office as a Dental Assistant, I have worked in this office for 2 months. Just recently my employer has stated that some handpieces are missing, he said that me and two other assistants has thrown them away. The other two assistants said that we didn't have any of these handpieces. My employer has just recently expanded his office to include more operatories and hire his two sons who just graduated from Dental School. My employer has stated that he was going to dock our pay to replace these handpieces. Can he do this? And if he fires me because I tell him that I did not throw them away and he can not dock my pay can I claim Unemployment? Thank you for your assistance.

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    If he fires you because he suspected theft, or just "throwing them away", it's unlikely you would be denied UI benefits, since the burden of proof is on the employer in this instance.

    And, just as a matter of semantics, this would not be "docking pay"; it would be a deduction from NET pay. There is a difference.
    What Can Be Deducted From My Paycheck?

    If you have borrowed money from a third party, you can give the employer written permission to deduct payments from your earnings. If your employer has loaned you funds, s/he can deduct the amount from your earnings as long as you have given written authorization. Of course, normal tax deductions must be made. The thing to remember regarding deductions from your paycheck is that you must give written authorization to your employer to make such non-tax related deductions. It is not valid to sign a "blanket" authorization at the time of hire to cover any future deductions. Further, as a rule, deductions cannot reduce your gross pay below minimum wage, and the deductions must be to the benefit of the employee.|#12
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