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uniforms Pennsylvania

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  • uniforms Pennsylvania

    Do employees have to pay for required uniforms in pa

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    The answer to your question is defined by company policy not law. What's your company's policy?


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      I am a bouncer in a night club we were never given any handbooks when we started. i worked there last year and was given 1 shirt


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        I'd recommend having a chat with your boss about this. With respect to this question, it is the employer that makes the rules. If the employer has a desired uniform and wants to share the cost with employees, he/she is entitled to. Are you being asked to pay up front or payroll deduction? If being withheld via payroll deduction, the deduction cannot make your hourly rate fall below the state regulated minimum wage (currently = $5.15 per hour). The deduction could, however, be spread over multiple pay periods if the minimum wage issue were a problem.


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          thanks for your help


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            Actually, many states have addressed this in their employment regulations. Generally, if the required uniform is something that you can wear elsewhere the employer does not have to pay for it. For example, the restaurant that requires servers to wear a pair of black pants and a white shirt likely doesn't have to pay for those items for its employees. The restaurant that requires employees to wear logo or otherwise branded items that can't be worn elsewhere like does have to pay for those items. California has gone so far as to limit the ability of stores to require employees to dress only in items purchased at the store (think modestly paid salespeople have to buy expensive designer clothing).
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