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Can employer force you into a final date of employment

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  • cbg
    Can an employer force her to give a specific date? Yes.

    Is this legal Yes.

    or is there some law that is being broken? No.

    Also 2 days to respond lets be realistic. Realistically? She got two days more than they needed to give her.

    What would be anyones recommendation?

    Outside of Marketeer's recommendations, with which I agree, I would add that I recommend she have an answer for them on Monday.

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  • Marketeer
    There are no laws being broken here. She told them she was leaving, and they need her to clarify her final date so that they can plan for the future.

    As for recommendations, my advice to anyone is not to tell your employer that you're planning to leave unless you have a job lined up. Employers can choose to accept your notice the minute that you give it and walk you out the door.

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  • Can employer force you into a final date of employment

    Girlfriend works for a company and is the store manager. She has been working there for 6years. She informed her supervisor that she was seeking other employment, she did not give her 2weeks notice. Was allowing them to have a courtesy heads up. They did offer her $100/month to stay with a 6-9month committment but if any other employees found out that it would be terminated. 2 Weeks later (Saturday April 29th, 2006) she received a letter stating this:
    On Tuesday March 14th you notified XXXX XXXXX that you would be looking for other employment. It is with deep regret that we will no longer have you as part of our team. We have appreciated your hard work, as well as the progress in your restaurant. You have been a valuable employee to XXXXXXXX.
    XXXXX, during the past few weeks we have attempted to keep you in this company. We now have accepted the fact that you are leaving. We are concerned that you have not communicated to us a specific date that you intend to leave XXXXXXX. We must start planning our next steps for the future of the restaurant. That being said, immediately we will need to have from you in writing your intended last day of employment. Please fax or bring to the office no later than Monday May 1,2006 the final date of your employment.
    Again, thank you for you hard work and commitment to this company

    And there is no signatures and it is not on official company letterhead.

    Can an employer force her to give a specific date? Is this legal or is there some law that is being broken? Also 2 days to respond lets be realistic. What would be anyones recommendation?
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