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Time Card Reporting (OR)

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  • Time Card Reporting (OR)

    I work for a very small business in Portland. There are few employee's (<10). Every employee except me in this business is 98% of the time in the office. So they all use a clock in/out software. This software doesn't allow you to check on your time card. Only print it at the end of the month. For my job duties I am constantly on the road driving to sites. So end of the month I turn in a hand written or typed piece of paper with my hours. Since I always seem to be out all day I never clock lunch, and sometimes go straight to a site in the morning before work and in the evening after 5pm (when everyone's gone). They seem to have a problem with me reporting my time card in the fashion that I do, but since their software is a) uneditable b)unviewable c)unable to clock me out/in when I'm not there I only trust my own recorded hours. What are the laws regarding timecard reporting? Either I restrict the job they want me to do so I'm always in at 8, out and in for lunch, and out at 5, or I do my job right and get things done as they are needed and record my own time? I feel like they are unreasonable asking me to do my job then having an issue with my time reporting? What should I suggest to them? What rights do I have to review, edit my timecards because I can't usually be there for each clock in/out????

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    There really are no laws regarding the use of time clocks, except for rounding guidelines.

    The laws relate to being paid for all hours worked and overtime if applicable (for nonexempt employees) or your guaranteed salary, with limited exceptions (for exempt employees).

    Your work environment obviously does not fit into this application functionality. Have you spoken with your manager about it?
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