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Compensation Discrimination

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  • Compensation Discrimination

    I'm a 30 hour employee. I recently had a year-end performance review and received a mark of "Distinguished" that is right below the "Top Performer" which is at the top. Overall review was good, only thing negative mentioned was that I need to improve my communication with direct Manager.
    Today I was told that there would be no raise and no bonus beacuse this year our company is awarding them based on performance, and my contribution to the firm was not big enough to warrant a raise or a bonus. They are saying I'm not going above and beyond to contribute.

    Here are some of the facts:

    1. Last year, I serviced all the client accounts from the year before plus 2 new accounts. (My work is well defined.)

    2. I have some responsibilities that is above my current level. Work that I would be doing if I was promoted to the next level. This was given to me when I was working full time as a new challenge. No one else has this kind of responsibility in my group.

    3. Company claims that everything is based on performance, but beacuse I'm part-time I would never be able to get the kind of raises or bonus that a full time employee would get no matter what.

    4. I was told that there are categories within "Distinguished" and I didn't qualify for anything. This is news to me. Our company officially has four categories for performance rating. This is an above average category for performance. How can I not qualify for anything?

    5. When I asked what I can do to get a raise and a bonus, my manager told me that I would have to communicate with her better by telling her all things that I'm doing so she knows what is being done. (This is tricky because my manager supervises me, but all my work is done with other people in the firm such as consultants.) She is saying that she can't gauge the amount of work that I'm doing because I'm not communicating with her about what is going on with my accounts. I'm getting good feedbacks from everyone I directly work with. I even helped expand a relationship with a client.

    6. My manager and I don't get along that well. I feel like she is doing this to me because she thinks I don't respect her. I've been there for about six years and I know my work very well and can get them done without asking her for help unlike the new employees. I have never had any issues regarding my work throughout the year.

    7. A coworker that works the same 30 hour week got a raise and a bonus. We are both exempt, but she makes us keep a timesheet. Our work goes in a cycle so when we are busy we both put in as much as 60 hours a week and get comped for extra hours worked when things settle down. And this coworker does not have bigger responsibilities like I do mentioned in item 2.

    I feel like my manager is trying to show me who the boss is by not giving me a raise and a bonus. I think this is personal since I don't engage her like other people do at the firm.

    I didn't mean this to be so long. I didn't know how else to explain. I hope this all makes sense.

    Do I have any right to complain? Can I do something about this?

    Thanks for reading.

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    Unless you have a bona fide employment contract setting out your compensation package and under what circumstances it can be changed, you have no legal recourse. "Part-time employee" is not a legally protected class under which discrimination could be claimed.

    Now, if you want to present your case to your manager, you are perfectly free to do that.
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