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Oregon Intimidation by District Manager

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  • Oregon Intimidation by District Manager

    I was a server for a large corporation for 5 years. I had never been in trouble in any kind of way. A few weeks prior an employee had found a 7 page letter on her car apparently calling her names and saying that nobody at work liked her. During my shift my District Manager (DM) comes in and asks me to come into the office. I went into the office and our male chef and himself are in there waiting for me. They close the door and tell me to take a seat. The chef is standing in front of the closed door with his arms crossed. The DM pulls out a sealed envelope and asks me what I know about it and do I know who did it. I tell them to stop the "witch hunt" and ask them why they are asking me. He said my name keeps coming up. I continued telling them this was rediculous and he repeatedly told me , growing louder and louder, that my name keeps coming up. He than told me not to talk about it giving him any other reason to think it was me. He also said they know it is not a male because it is "girly handwriting". I left the room and was expected to continue working. I put my 2 weeks in and was told that they would keep me on until February 28th. A few days later my manager asked me why I was quiting and I told him I wanted everything documented. I told him I felt harassed and intimidated by the DM. A few days later I was written off the schedule. I felt that I was singled out for being a female and they used two men to try and intimidate me. I also had to stop taking tables losing money for the day. Is this legal?
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    What is your question?

    Nothing that transpired is illegal, if that's what you want to know. It may not have been the best way to handle the situation, but no laws were broken.
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