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Difficulty getting my 401/profit sharing funds

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  • Difficulty getting my 401/profit sharing funds

    I terminated employment with my employer of 7 years, I am 100% invested ( of wich I have i contirbuted to to consitently)with a 401/profit sharing of i believe around $20,000. The administrator at my past employer has said that he does not have the paperwork needed to give me to fill out so i can request a rollover of my monies to another account already set up. The financial insitute handling the monies, Smith and Barney say, he has the needed forms, they do not. He refuses to get one to me and others who have terminated thier employment, which have been may. As far as Erisa laws go and my rights to my money; What does Oregon & federal law ( Erisa laws)say are his time limits to get the paper of transfer to me, so i can return it back to him?; and then what are the time limits for him to notify Smith and Barney of my desire once the form gets to him to transfer the monies?. Smith and Barney say once they get the form of transfer telling them who and where, they will cut the check or send the money within days, My past administrator is the only one purposly holding this up.
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