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boss overworks me to make me quit

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  • boss overworks me to make me quit

    so here it is.

    i work in oregon and ive been getting in trouble from my boss for overtime. the way it works is we work until were done. and if we are late and going into overtime we are suppose to call in to hopefully get some help. first off my boss doesnt answer his phone and i can never get ahold of him because of that. and all employees are suppose to have nextell phones that the company assigned to you. ive been there for a year and a half and still have not received one. even though there are people under me that have gotten one. so i still use personal phone. but since ive broken three phones working there i started leaving it in my truck. so theres no way of communication until im back in my truck. so on some days i call in around three times before overtime to ask for help and never get any help or callbacks from boss's until late into overtime thus they get into trouble and then i get into trouble. ive gotten a verbal warning on it but since im union until i do something wrong they cant really fire me. but they can work my hard making sure i do the majority of the work and get more overtime and more verbal abuse. also my boss told me that it would be advised to skip lunches and breaks to cut over time. told me that its not required but if i dont want to be written up i should take it into consideration. secondly they started sending me places that have forklifts and im not certified to use them and they are telling me to just do it and learn on my own. and i also told them i would not do it so they are upset about that as well. then theres a thing called a anniversary bonus that after a year of working we are suppose to get and ive been told that im supposed to be getting it soon from my boss then after the go around for six months i ask the company boss and he told me that its an evaluation bonus and he apologized that my boss told me that is was a anniversary bonus and takes full responsibility for it. and then tells me that i did not pass the evaluation. and in the history of the company im the first to not receive it, compared to the two people that were fired for too many warnings getting theirs in the last year that ive worked there.also my evalutaion was done right after this whole overtime situation with my boss, and shouldnt have been done six months ago when my year came up? i went to talk to the big boss about my situation but before i could say a thing he told me that we dont talk enough for him to help out. basically im not social enough with him that its worth his time to take a look into it. also im going to school and need certain days off and they knew this before i started working there and the day of first semester they changed my days off to give one of the bosses drinking buddies another day off. and they gave me the ultimatum of work or school so i chose work but dont they have to give you notice if they are going to change your to sum up my boss is overworking me and trying to find reasons to fire me. so what im asking is should i get osha and the union involved or do i even have a case? and also theres a few other things like unsafe work enviroment and racist sexist language going on in work. so plese someone help

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    How about some white space, paragraphs, and maybe capitalizing the first word of each sentence? That big block o' text, the way it is formatted, is VERY hard to read. Thanks.
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      Your post is hard to understand..I would love some overtime.. Why are you pulling the OSHA card? You have to learn to use the forklift somehow, Just ask for help, thats what I did, and recieved my company certification. At this point I would love to be overworked..Remember there are alot of people with nothing right now. In my completly unqualified opinion, you have no case.


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