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reduction in hours and unemployment benefits Oregon

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  • Betty3
    Agree. Your boss at job #1 expects you to do what he asks & to get all your work done there. Job #1 is his main concern. It could be considered insubordination if you don't do all the necessary required tasks assigned. It's the state's decision but you may very well be denied unemployment ins. if you are terminated for not doing your assigned tasks/duties.

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  • Pattymd
    Refusing to perform legal and safe tasks as directed by management can be considered insubordination and I would not count on unemployment if you are fired for that reason.

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  • reduction in hours and unemployment benefits Oregon

    I work full time at will for slightly more than minimum wage, and I am not a manger. I have been falling behind on my bills for some time. When my savings were nearly gone, I informed my boss that I either needed a raise, or would have to find another job -- whether that meant I would quit entirely or just take a reduction in hours to make time for other employment, I couldn't be sure at the time. He said that I should look for another job, and that he would be interested in me staying on part-time.
    About a month later, I got offered some other part time work. I told boss #1 the next day that in another week, I would have around 20 hours a week elsewhere, that I would schedule things around job #2, that he could expect a small reduction in the time I spend at job #1, and I made some recommendations as to who else could fill in if he needed more work done. Again, he expressed interest in me remaining part-time.
    The day before job #2 started, I informed boss #1 again that I would be working less starting that week. He got very upset and threatened to replace me if I could not get "all my work done."
    I have taken on many responsibilities at job #1 that were not in my original job description. If he fires me for not doing these things, am I eligible for unemployment?
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