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How long after payday Oregon

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  • How long after payday Oregon

    I am working for a very small company (Basically my boss and myself) and lately he has been getting very flaky about paying. I usually have been pretty lenient with him as I have known him as a friend for years and usually pays me up. But this last time, he waited until 4 days after the scheduled paydate and gave me less than half of my check stating he needed to collect from some clients in the next few days. I reluctantly agreed to give him 3 days. Here it is now an additional 5 days after wards and I still have not received any additional funds from him. Based off this I have two questions...

    1. How long can he legally withhold my pay after our initial agreement before he is required to pay?

    2. Can I refuse to go to work for him until he does catch me up in pay and be covered?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Here is a link to the BOLI site for Oregon. Oregon requires that regular pay periods MUST be established and MAINTAINED. Meaning that the payday may not be moved around. You can always call BOLI (number is on the site) and talk with them about it and file a claim against your employer.



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