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    Originally posted by amrie View Post
    I am actually the boss that would do anything in my power for any of my staff members at anytime. I happen to be the boss that deliverd food to two of my staff members for one month after there was death in their family. I am the boss that will take your classroom because you would like to go to an event at the Jr High or High Schoo for your child. I am the boss that will let you come in the office and cry because you have lost your pet and I then sent flowers to your home because I am really kind and caring.

    I am the boss that understands you can't work today because you have sick child at home. I am the boss that understands you have to leave in the middle of your shift to pick up your child from school due to illness of discipline action.

    I am the boss that meet their employees at the ER when their child has had an accident to hold your hand and give you moral support. I am the boss that has gifted this person in particular, money because I knew they were having financial problems. I am the boss that would do anything for my staff and never ask for anything in return but just to do your job. That's it. I don't ask my staff to assist with decorating the hall when we set up for recognition nights etc.. However when they do come and help, they will always have a public acknowledgement on how wonderful their help was as long as large bouquet of flowers.

    When I say I love to fire people, it is when it is justified. I have fired a person that wasn't 210 percent justifiable. I know that I should only be 100 percent justifiable not 210. I am sorry that by the typed words you did not get tone I was actually setting

    So if that is what immature people do then I will glady be considered a very immature boss.

    I am sorry that my words mislead you. I didn't mean in any to spark an angry response from anyone. I was just looking for advice. And I do admit I have gotten many responses stating that I should probably let her go. Which I will most do but not until after we have a meeting stating what the new policies and procedures. Because I have always been a FAIR person and I beleive it would be UNFAIR to terminate someone who has not had a chance to change for the better.
    I posted to you regarding internet profiles. I felt you being "blasted" as you put it as well. Read my posting on internet profiles and don't sweat the small stuff.

    I am a teacher and I can not have any visible tattoos where I work. I have a small tatto on my leg/ankle. So when the weather is warm I can not wear capri pants because my tattoo will show. If I put a bandage on to cover it up, the kids ask questions. I now wish I had never gotten a tattoo. I never realized how limited it would be. In the winter I wear a skirt with nylons and I can put makeup on it to cover it up. Or I have to wear pants all the time. I signed a contract and I am obligated to follow the rules.


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      And I think this horse, too, has been beaten to death.
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