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Oregon if no vehicle compensation then...

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  • Oregon if no vehicle compensation then...

    I read the previous post about vehicle compensation when using a personal vehicle for work and had some additional questions on this subject.

    I work security and spend every night in my car very little driving is involved. However, during the winter I must run my car almost the entire shift to stay warm.
    Security is expected to walk around after the last shift and check the doors to make sure they're locked and remain in their vehicles to observe any unauthorized people entering or leaving the companies property.

    This is killing my car.

    If the company doesn't have any place other then our personal vehicles for us to do our job. Shouldn't they have to either provide a place where we can do our job other then our vehicles or have to provide maintanence, gas and insurance or provide a company vehicle if there isn't another way of fulfilling the requirements of this position?

    Or should I give notice and get out of this position before I lose my only transportation in finding another job?
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    Should they? Probably, to some extent. Must they? Not under the law. Sorry, if it's even CLOSE to the temperature it is here, that must be miserable. And it sounds like they aren't going to change, so maybe it's "vote with your feet" time.
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