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    so, the owner's nephew or whatever at my gas station asked me to work a 7.5 hour shift for him last month because he had a job interview. i said sure, because hey, why not help someone get out of that hell hole, right? well, i didnt get paid for it. on my paycheck, it said that i only worked 59.00 hours. but, i've been keeping track of my hours on an excel spreadsheet showing the date, my shift, the hours, gross pay, taxes taken out, and my net pay. and according to that, i worked 66.50 hours. i showed the owner this and very politely said "I believe you made a mistake on my payroll. i actually worked 66.5 hours, and i didnt get paid for that shift i worked." he said "well, i paid him for that. but ill check up on it and get back to you tomorrow." that was a few days ago and he's been ignoring my phone calls and requests to talk with him about it. he seems so eager to get money out of me for overfills, but when he owes me 44 dollars and something he refuses to pay it. also, he is trying to get me to pay for someone who left their wallet at home and i collected a cell phone (that was broken. i didnt know) as collateral. she left her address, name, phone number, and license plate #. what should i do, guys? im trying to find a new job... but its hard. lol.

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    What you do is file a claim for unpaid wages with the state Dept. of Labor.

    Also, file a claim for improper deductions, since the employer cannot make such a deduction for overfills if you didn't voluntarily authorize it in writing; you didn't, did you?
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      absolutely not.


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