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training and wages Oregon

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  • training and wages Oregon

    I am living in Eugene, OR,
    My son (18 years old) just got his first job at a company called (company name and website deleted by moderator)
    they sell kitchen knives and utensils in house, which means my son would get an appointment, then goes to the potential customers house and tries to sell them the product. They said he will be paid $ 15.00 per appointment, or 10% of $1000 in sales. The appointment should take about an hour, which does not include travel time. They bragged he would get minimum 5 appointments a day, which I think would involve a whole workday, because he doesn't even own a car, most of these kids don't have a car. Alone the traveltime probably will take 5-6 hours.
    Before the first appointment they told him, that he is supposed to give them a check in the amount of $130 for his knive set, which he shows to the potential customer. I am suspicious of that, I think you never should have to pay to work.
    Today he went to his first training session, which lasted 6 hours, he has a few more training sessions which will be also 5-6 hours long. I just found out today that he does not get paid for the training sessions which concerns me. There are about 20 people in the class and I don't think that after the training session they will keep all 20 people as employees.
    I am concerned that he spends all this time, and then doesn't get paid.

    Is all this legal? Shouldn't you get paid for the training, after all you are spending your own time at the companies facilities.
    He is not on a contract, in fact there have been no papers signed at all.

    Thank you

    Isabell Norman
    a concerned mom

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    I answered your question in the other forum in which you posted it. Please post your query in one forum only. All the responders here read all the forums and it can be confusing for the posters, other readers, and the responders, if multiple responses are posted in different places. Thanks.
    I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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      multiple postings

      Sorry for the multiple postings. After I signed up I thought I was at the Oregon labor law sections. Then I realized after I clicked 'send' that I wasn't. I reposted it in the Oregon section, because I thought maybe some people who are more familiar with Oregon labor law, might only be in that forum.

      Thank you all for your answers. I tried to reason with my son, that I thought it was all a scam. But you know how kids are, especially when it is their first job. He was so excited and wouldn't hear anything we said.
      I showed him your answers and he is now thinking maybe not going to the next training session.

      Thank you again.


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        Don't I wish we had enough responders to have experts in all the states.

        "fraid not; we're just a bunch of volunteers who don't mind research.
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