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harrassment vs at will Oregon

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  • harrassment vs at will Oregon

    Joining a company (retail) about 2 months ago, I was consistantly told that I was doing an great job and thanked for my willingness to help whenever needed. But after being subjected to foul language at work where a supervisor stepped in and asked the offending people to please refain from that type of talk. The next day I was greeted with a hat in the break room that said F**K ME. I brought this to the supervisors attention, noticing that the hat did not leave the break room until the employee that owned it left for the day. I thought that was the end of a "youthful" prank. Imagine my shock when I go to work after my days off to have the GM call me the office and tell me that I did not fit the company, handed me my check and asked me to leave. While the person with the foul mouth and hat is still working even though this is agianst the company policy that is stated in the handbook. There is an at will clause but because the GM stated that I did not fit in and this happened reporting harrassment. Can the at will stand? Should I fight?

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    First of all, this doesn't meet the legal definition of harassment. A hat that is only in the break room one day is not such an eggregious offense that it would alter the work environment. It may have been in poor taste, but it isn't illegal.

    It wasn't illegal for them to fire you for telling the manager about it either. Perhaps next time you should try speaking directly with the employee who owns the offensive garment and let them know you would appreciate it if they would keep it out of view. If that doesn't work, then approach a manager.

    If the environment was such that the other employeees did not have a problem with certain vocabulary and you did, then you would probably be much happier elsewhere. I'm not condoning that kind of language at work, I find it unprofessional and juvenile, but no law prohibits vulgar or coarse language.
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      Even if the company hand book lists "crude and offensive language" as being part of their non tolerated harassment?


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        Illegal harassment is when you are targeted on the basis of a protected characteristic (your race, gender, age, etc.). It's not when other people are simply jerks.
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          Thanks! Maybe by complaining I can make it a little better for those down the line. Learned long ago that you really do not want to work where they are not happy to have you. Again....THANKS


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            i have a simple question

            you stated earlier that management could let you go for going to them and complaining,but i wonder,could they call you confrontational if you go to the person and not to management?? I know this is a stupid question,but i dont want to get in trouble if in the future i have troubles with someone,if i should handle it myself or go to management. I wonder if either way they could say i was handling it wrong lol...thanks for your time ellemd.


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