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Weird time card system, not being paid full-Oregon

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  • Weird time card system, not being paid full-Oregon

    So, I am 17, work at a small business after school and weekends. Our time card system is basically a spread sheet with our names on it and we write 6 for a 6 hour for a shift, or 9 for a 9 hour for a shift, etc. Well, usually we have to work 5 minutes before our scheduled time, and then 5,10, or sometimes even 15 minutes after the regular time and we basically don‘t get paid for it. One time, a buddy my same age asked one of the managers why we don't get paid for all the time before and after the schedule time. Well, he got chewed out big time and I am very angry about not being paid. One time, the boss opened the store up 30 minutes early, and I always get to work 15 minutes early, and well, she made me work for 10 minutes early. So, she let the managers that get there 30 minutes early and had to work put up "+1/2 hours" on their sheet, so I thought I could put up "+1/6 hours" Because I worked 10 minutes early. And Guess what? I she didn't pay me for it!! I was so mad. So now I basically walk out as fast as I can. Usually the manager locks the door and personally opens it to let customer in.

    So I guess my question is: Is there any law that says I get paid for the time I work? I guess it is obvious, but when any of the kids like me that work there get chewed out hard core if we mention getting paid for the extra time, it makes me fell entrapped; I can’t do anything about it . And it does add up, today alone I probably worked 20 minutes extra. It sucks. I really need to change this.

    And Thank you for any help.

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    i would think so. my work has the same sort of situation, and im curious too. i think its BS that we're counted "late" if we're not there at the IMPLIED time, 5 minutes before the shift is scheduled to start.


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      Being "counted" as late is a different situation than not being paid for time worked. I'm sure I answered this question just a few days ago in a separate posting.
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