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What counts as discrimination and verbal assault?

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  • What counts as discrimination and verbal assault?

    Hey guys.
    Ive had a problem at my current job at the movie theaters as a cashier.The one were they cut my hours on a weekly bases, and give me more call shifts then actual hours. (the most hours i was schedualed for was 14, but they cut it to 7). Every week since ive been there, they have cut my schedualed hours which number in the single digits. Ive wrote all this down for my records.

    The real problem started Monday night (May 8th). I was schedualed for a call shift, which i told them i couldent make that night 2 days in advance. Of course they dont lissen, and they call me 4 hours before i was suppost to call, (your suppost to call one hour ahead to see if needed)complaning why i havent called yet. I informed them that i told my manager i couldent make it but they dident want to hear it. I also told them that i wasnt due to call them for another 4 hours (the call shift was for 6-11:30, id call them 5 minunts to 5)

    Of course, being the sap that i am, i agreed, and changed my plans around to incoporate the shift. Once i punched in, i got my cash box, and allready my manager started with me. On acident, it dropped less then 5 inches on to the counter, and she turns and yells at me as if i did this on purpose. I inform her, it was an acident, and she left. The entire shift, she pojected a hostal addatude (sp?) towards me, without saying a word, and being new and not knowing how to do things, would get very agervated every time i would ask her or a near by employee, how to ring up certain things.

    Now, ill be honest, i have Attention Deffisit Disorder, i learn slow sometimes, espically if its very confusing or complicated. I Learn best by doing the thing over and over again. I dont go around telling people i have ADD, because its embarasing and people think im dumb. Being overweight, and having a disability, people always have sterotypes about me, how ever unfounded.

    Anyway, the shift goes through, and its time to count me out. She takes me to the counting room, and we start counting out, and she finds ive made an error in ringing up a certain type of ticket. This triggers her to explode, yelling and screaming at me as if i was a child. I told her in a very respectful tone, prehapse if i had proper training (i have never had any Real training, they just assumed i knew how to do the job, dispite me telling them i dident and just put me on the schedual and left it up to who ever was around to awnser questions) that i would be able to do this right. This causes her to get within inches of my face, and Screams at me. We get into an argument, how i dont think its fair that im constantly getting what little hours i have cut, and there constantly hiring new people yet dont have hours for there current employees. Again, the whole time, i am being respectful, proper and professional, but letting her know im very aggervated. It gets to the point were i get up, as she is screaming at me inches away from my face, to walk out but i know she would take that as quitting so i stop and return, and finish what i was doing. She is still hostal, and quotes "I dont know if you still have your job with your addatude". I tell her, i have no addatude that i am aware of, and if i do its because shes screaming in my face and starting with me.

    Anyhow, the night ends, and im pissed off to the point were im so angry my hands are shaking. I go to my ride, and go home. I figure, the next morning, call work, speak to the head manager about what happen, get my side of the story, and hopefully settle this.

    Apon calling, the boss makes it out as if im the bad guy, and doesnt want to here that she was litterly inches in my face screaming at me. Granted he wasnt there to witness the situation, but i know now they are going to use this agenst me and even cut what little hours i have.

    My question is, A: Im told that this is symptoms of Discrimination, since im the only one on the entire schedual with just 4 working hours and the way they treat me (i cant officaly clame the following as discrimination, but it seems like it. As part of the perks of the job, employees are aloud to attend "employee screanings of films, meaning they can watch the film the night before it opens, for free. I called to find out about a screaning and was told that there was no showing for employees, yet i spoke to several people who did attend a showing. now it could be a simple error, but my instinct tells me it was done on purpose)

    And B: is her yelling and screaming at me inches away from my face count as verbal assault, and if so, how do i go about handling this. I know now they are deffently going to set me up to get fired, or make my life hell that i quit, because i questioned there practists, but what she did, does that count as verbal assult and if so, how can i go about this

    I ask because, i want to know what my rights are, and also, when i ask people i know, i always get conflicting awnsers. One moment i can sue, the next moment, im the bad guy... its all very confusing.

    Thanks for your time,
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