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What do I do???

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  • What do I do???

    I am 16, I live in the State of New York. Im 3 months pregnant, my Boyfriend is 20 and is currently in the ARMY but is going to be a part of mine and the babys lives. My mom constantly threatens me... She tells me that shes going to take things away from me. I dont feel comfortable at all so I lock myself in my bedroom. She yells at me all the time and trys to tell me what I can and can not do. Im sick of it. She works 2 jobs, her first job is from 9am-1:30pm, and her second job is from 3pm-12am. Im not and only child I also have a brother who is 17 and is sick of my mom not taking proper care of us. We never have any healthy food in the house, she barely has time to bring us to doctors appointments. My mother is 38 and has a boyfriend that is 72 and she spends more time with him then she does with her own children. She has threatened me and told me that she was going to put me on PINS! I believe that any parent who has to put their kid on PINS is not a fit parent and that they should not have their children if they can not take control or care of them. And my mother has been getting on my case about going to school... Im going to finish this year out but I want to drop out next year I was wondering if that was possible. I don't know about anyone else but my opinion is that College will always be there for me, I can get my GED and go to college but my babys childhood will not always be here for me. I believe that a child needs their parents with them all the way... I would rather watch my child grow up and become successful than go to school and ignore my child. What should I do??? Im totally and completely lost... I NEED help!


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    This is not an appropriate forum for your question. This forum is for labor and employment law.

    You need to post your questions on a family law forum. There is one elsewhere on this site.
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