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Unsafe Working Environment

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  • Unsafe Working Environment

    i have asthema and have been granted FLMA by my employer. i've been missing work days because of my breathing. However when i do work, the conditions at work worsten my asthema. The humidity level is way beyond the OSHA limits at 70%. Do i have any recourse concerning these conditions

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    What makes you think that OSHA has a statute that addresses humidity levels? (I'm not an OSHA expert by any means but I'd be surprised if they had such a requirement.)

    If your asthma is severe enough to qualify as a disability under the ADA, then your employer has to consider implementing a reasonable accommodation. Not having any idea what kind of work you do and in what sort of environment, I haven't a clue what sort of reasonable accomodation is possible. If you want to broach this topic with your employer, then you specifically need to tell your supervisor/HR that you need to discuss their making a reasonable accommodation for you.

    Please note that your employer does not HAVE to do so if there are no reasonable accommodations to be made. For example, if you work in a botanical garden that specializes in tropical flowers that require high humidity levels, there may well be no reasonable accommodation to be made. The employer doesn't have to change their entire business to desert flora because you have asthma.


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