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Unemployment Questions... Employer wrongfully denying UI bennies? New York

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  • Unemployment Questions... Employer wrongfully denying UI bennies? New York

    This is a bit of a convoluted question. I believe my employer is trying to deny UI benefits. I was told not to come back to my job because there "was not enough work". I filed for unemployment, but my employer is denying the claim; the state paperwork says my company claims I abandoned my job. My hours were shortened in September to 4 days a week; I take Tuesdays off. The Wednesday of that week they are claiming I abandoned, I was told very specifically not to come in, that the office would be closed for inclement weather. I could not make it in on Thursday, as I was stuck further up north. I called Wednesday night to let my immedate supervisor know; she said it was fine, and agreed that she would see me on Friday of that week. I had always spoken with her and only her about any absences from work. I received a Voicemail on my cell phone from her Thursday morning saying not to come back to work. I called the office to ask why I was being asked not to come back. She stated that there was not enough work; I asked if I was being laid off; she paused, and nervously stated again that there is not enough work. There is a bit of additional background to this story, as far as what I know about worker's comp and OSHA violations. Could anyone point me to a resource, or help me out? I am obviously appealing this, but I want to make sure I have a fighting chance before I pursue it. Thanks!

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    The employer is not "denying" anything. The state makes the decision. The employer is contesting. If you have already been denied, you can appeal.
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