It looks like I'm getting laid off soon and I am not sure of when I should be filing unemployment. Here's the info I think could help you answer my question:

1) I'm getting 2-weeks severance and unused vacation.

2) There will probably be a pay in lieu of notice period of 60 days.

3) I was laid off from a job where I made $37.5K last April, and started working again at my current job (where I make $43K) at the end of May 2008. I did claim unemployment for this period, which was about 4-5 weeks. From the info I have found, it seems that my claim year would end in April 2009.


Would this mean I'm reopening my claim as opposed to filing a new one? How does this affect the benefit amount? Would it make me ineligible for the emergency extended benefits?

Also, should I file for unemployment benefits as soon as I'm laid off or should I wait until the pay in lieu of notice period is over?

Lastly, I'm wondering if I should wait until my claim year is over before filing. Perhaps this would result in a higher benefit amount? Is there any statute against waiting before filing?