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seminars and meetings on days off - non exempt New York

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  • seminars and meetings on days off - non exempt New York

    Sorry, I have a lot of questins today...

    I seem to have a problem with young employees of mine understanding what is paid time and what is not (well, maybe I have the problem and am not clear when I explain to them? LOL).
    Here is some insight:
    A non-exempt staff member (hourly) lost a company provided cell phone (said it was stolen). She offered to pay to replace it, and I said we would pay. But, SHE put the mileage to go to and from the store to buy the replace ment (a store that was out of the way, and I could have gone)..she also "voluntrily" made cookies for another agency, without being asked and wanted to be reimbursed for the supplies (I said no and explained why_).

    NOW, there is an event on SUnday that would be of interest to my staff. I have mentioned it to them, and it is work related, but I do not need them to go, I will go. They (above mentioned employee included) WANT to go.

    I do not WANT to pay them to attend. I don't NEED them to attend, I just thought they would be interested.

    This same group of people also put in for mileage reimbursement to a local restaurant (3 miles from the office) where we had our holiday lunch, provided by the employer....most people car pooled. I paid the mileage, and didn't say anything.

    How do I inform/.enforce WHAT is covered and what is not in terms of their hours, without sounding like an ogre? Do I need to go back and explain prior to sunday that if they WANT to attend, it will not count towards their hours/

    Must I do this for EVERYTHING???
    Many of these things seem common sensical to me, but I have very yong staff....

    Any advice as to how to handle this would be appreciated, Thanks
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