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I work for an employer who is offering higher wage for the same position New York

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  • I work for an employer who is offering higher wage for the same position New York

    I have been working at a company as a part-time administrative assistant for a year and two months now. When my coworkers and I started working there, we were making $7.50 and hour for the same exact position. Since I have been there the longest, I am now making $8.25; my coworkers are making $7.75. In the time I have been there, approximately five people (all who shared my same position) have quit. I guess because my employer wants to entice prospective employees to stay, he is now advertising an opening for an administrative assistant as having a salary level of $9-10 and hour. He is not seeking someone with more experience and they will not have more responsibilities than my coworkers and I--I know this because I have seen the job posting online.

    In other words, when he hires someone new, that person will be making considerably more money than myself and my coworkers who have been there for quite a long time. And they will be doing the same exact thing that we are. I wanted to know if this is something I should pursue with my employer. Is it legal or even ethical for him to do this?

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    Legal, so long as the reason for giving the higher pay does not violate laws about discriminating against (or for) protected classes, which does not appear to be the case.

    Ethical? Arguments can be made for and against the practice.

    Certainly, the employer is asking for more problems with the morale of the longer term employees, so rather than reducing turnover, he could accelerate it unless he takes steps to ensure some sort of internal equity of pay.
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      The legality of the matter was my main concern, and now that I know it isn't I will have to approach the matter differently. Thank you for the advice.


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        apply for the job...


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          Originally posted by hambone View Post
          apply for the job...
          My thoughts exactly!!
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            Sometimes the employment market is such that the employer HAS to offer higher wages to entice workers away from other jobs. This is known as "market compression" and I agree that the current workers often get the shaft with this practice. However, it is what it is.
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