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can i collect unemployment even if i quit my job? New York

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  • can i collect unemployment even if i quit my job? New York

    I'm being terribly treated at my current job and want desperately to quit. However, I'm not sure if I can collect unemployment after I quit while I search for a new position....any ideas??

    thank you!!

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    Most folks that quit don't get unemployment, but there are exceptions. Sometimes, the state finds that quitting was for good cause attributable to the employment.

    If you are being beaten and can show the scars, you may have a case. Otherwise, you will probably have difficulty showing that you are treated badly enough that any reasonable person would have quit, too.
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      What examples can you provide that you are being treated "terribly?"

      If you can provide tangible examples and prove them, it is more than possible to be determined eligible for unemployment benefits. However, please be advised that most of the ALJs will want you to also be able to demonstrate that you made reasonable efforts to preserve the job, ie, complain about the treatment, thereby providing the employer an opportunity to rectify/resolve the matter.


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