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What can I do New York, HELP

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  • What can I do New York, HELP

    The company I was just with was bought out last year and my position was eliminated in March06. We were notified of this in November 05, some of the employee were able to get a Stay Bonus as long as we stayed. I was one of them.

    That being said the company was okay with us looking for employment elsewhere, here is where the problem arrised. In late January 06, when I
    left work to go home (It was a pay day) I stopped for gas. I went to use my
    Bank Card to prepay to get gasoline for my vehicle and it was denied.

    I found out after card was denied by a clerk inside that there was insufficent
    funds in the account. I asked the clerk if there was a Cash machine, which I
    then attempted to take out Cash, after the denial my receipt stated that my
    bank account was overdrawn by $2500.

    Well it turns out that, my Court Order child support which was deducted by
    monthly,was takin out of my pay every pay peroid was not sent for to the
    state agency, the amount went over $1000 so the state put a freeze and
    doubled the amount and also added another $500. This all happend because
    the person who had been doing this left the company. So for 3 weeks my
    banking account, the company did right by paying fee's and fines, But I
    did all this leg work, although I was still trying to find another job.

    There were some opportunities lost because by running around I wanted to make sure my drivers license was okay, because NYState will suspend that when it hits a certain point. Also my unemployment has run out now after 26 weeks frantically looking and still I have yet to be hired, but I was never compensated for the loss of how this altered 3-4 weeks of my life.

    Any advice....

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    I do not see any malace.

    I don't think you have any recourse. It was a honest mistake.
    It sucks, but I doubt if you have a legal way of proving that you lost out on any job offers.


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      Thats what I thought, but thats why I threw that out there, how to prove it
      is the question, its not like you can ask a place to hold on while you fix a personal issue.



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