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Termination reasoning New York

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  • Termination reasoning New York

    Currently I am unemployed and have been seeking employment for 6 months, its brutal here in Buffalo,NY job market. I have looked back and checked to see why this is happening....

    An exemployer who I was terminanted from while I was injured, in June 2001
    is informing that I was terminated due to job performance. The way I see it
    was it should have been called an Administrative Termination. the company would not allow me to be out on Compensation as they wanted me to be a liason to the Airline we were servicing so I did what I was ordered to do.

    After completing an 18 hour shift I went home, I was asleep, when I received a phone call from the Airlines that one of my employee had hit an aircraft with the ground equipment and put a hole in it. My bosses called me to pick them up when they flew in later that day.

    So while I had a splint on my right hand and injured, I was terminated as the scape goat while another employee had infact perform an illegal act as she had know authorization to even be driving the ground equipment. This is not a correct reasoning as it shows that my performance was at fault where it was not me, but one of the staff members, I was the liason (management) locally, because the company would not and had nobody else here from St Louis. The company is no longer in this area, but they are still doing business
    for ground support contracts in the U.S..

    Any advise....


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    The employer is not required by law to classify the termination as you want them to. They are allowed to provide their opinion.

    That being said, it is quite unlikely that the SOLE reason you are not getting employment offers is one marginal reference from five years ago. You got other employment after that, right? A prospective employer is going to be looking at those references, too, probably even more closely. If they're okay, that's what they're going to care about.

    If the job market is that poor, it's far more likely that there are simply more qualified people looking for work than there are positions available, than that a single reference from several years back has been a deal-killer.

    BTW, you don't indicate whether or not you are not getting INTERVIEWS, or if you are getting interviews and then not getting the job. If the former, I guarantee you that reference has nothing to do with it. Employers do not call for references before deciding whom to interview.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      No, Im getting interviews, Im just very frustrated, its been 6 months, and I am very afraid. I have a family, I was just throwing that out there venting.

      I do not want to wind up in the street.



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