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Unpaid in New York New York

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  • Unpaid in New York New York

    I was working for my employer A (who has a bi-weekly pay schedule)for about a year, when the company supposedely got evicted and claimed bankruptcy. On the last payday (I happened to be on a personal day,w/ direct deposit), prior to the eviction, the company issued paychecks that bounced(I didnt recive my d/d). Then whats left of employer A merges with employer B, and I report for work at employer B's place of buisness(employer B has a weekly pay schedule). I was told at that point that due to the bankruptcy proceedings that I would recive the missing funds after the proceedings had concluded. I continued to work for employer B while getting paid in personal checks (mind you I am a W2 employee, and my personal "pay"checks are now for net,not gross). Now whats left of employer A splits from employer B and starts employer C(I now am employed by employer C, who also has a weekly pay schedule). At this point I am still getting paid in personal checks (still net not gross). Now, at the end of the second week that I am at employer C , the last payday goes by again and I am not paid. So I get a lil peeved and do some checking... I contacted the applicable bankrupcy courts and the county clerk. I cant seem to find any record of a bankrupcy filing. At the clerks office there buisness licence is still valid. Something is beginning to smell... So I do a lil snooping and find out that the owner of the company lives in NY, yet all his assets are in FL (where he has his HOUSES, viper, and hummvee). I know FL is an one of those Homestead states, however I seem to have found some sort of loophole where you cant hide behind it if, you creditors are coming after you for a criminal act. Is not paying me a criminal act(I feel victimised)?
    Everytime a paychek dosent materalise I get a lame excuse... I'm sick of working, and not knowing when Im gonna get paid. I'm worried about my taxes not being witheld. I live check to check, I'm behind in the bills, and to add insult to injury my bank acct is only free with d/d. What to do? DOL, Sue, Go postal?

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    Forget what assets the guy might own in another state. It just isn't relevant to your claim. If you aren't being paid for the time you work, file a claim with the state DOL.
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