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Unemployment Insurance question New York

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  • Unemployment Insurance question New York

    I was let go last week without a reason.

    When i pushed it, i was simply told that they had decided it wasn't the right 'fit'.. after 16 months?? I think the fit issue is that they had paid me $20,000 more than they had wanted (and i took a paycut to go there as well). (i was told during my termination that i'm very talented, very smart, a hard worker, a great person, but it just wasn't the right fit...strange, huh?). I think they are tired of paying this, and now that they aren't in a jam, have decided they would rather have someone less experienced at a lower salary.

    Anyway.. I went to file for UI today, and my choices are basically only that i was let go for lack of work or that i was discharged because i didn't meet the company's requirements/qualifications. neither one are correct. i really don't know why i was let go.

    I'm not sure which one to put. If i put that i was discharged because i didn't meet qualificiations, can i still get unemployment insurance? i'm scared to put the wrong thing & not be eligible.

    I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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    You were let go, so that is what you would put on the UC form. You don't have to agree that you didn't meet their expectations in order to give that as the reason. A "lack of fit" is not meeting the requirements of the employer.

    It isn't unusual for a company to terminate based on a lack of fit, just as it isn't unusuial for an employee to leave because they don't like the overall environment. As you were let go, your chances of receiving UC are pretty good.
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      It is my guess that when you state that you were given only two (2) choices that you are referring to a form that you were required to fill out, correct?

      Well, you are not tied to only those choices, but rather should be given some room to offer a more detailed explanation. If not, then nothing prohibits you from attaching a written statement.

      Moreover, you will most certainly have to speak to someone from the DOL who will ask more specific questions regarding why you became separated.

      In short, do not worry ... you will be given an opportunity to explain in detail and I would be very surprised if you are not found eligible based on what you have posted.


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