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Company moving do I have to?

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  • Company moving do I have to?

    My company recently bought a building in another borough of NYC. One of the reasons that I work here is to be close to home. When they move I'll be in a difficult position. Several of my co-workers are concerned as well. I was told a long time ago that if a company moves more than a certain number of miles from its current site one could decline to move with them and stilll collect unemployment benefits. If anyone knows the answer to this and can tell me where to find it in the law I would greatly appreciate it.

    I wonder why a citizen such as myself has so much trouble finding out about these things. Why isnt there a site which posts all of the state labor law.

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    I have never seen a concrete number of miles as per your request. This definition is by far "subjective". If for example, the new job site was located in Rochester and you are currently in NYC, I'd think you have a case for unemployment. Since they are moving within NYC to another borough, you may have a difficulty collecting. Your best bet is to get an opinion from the UC board before making your decision on what to do.


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      Nothing can cover all situations. We try to help on this site.

      How far IS the company moving?
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        There is no such provision in the statutes. In fact, I am aware of no state statute that contains such a provision.

        It is possible that there is a number provided in case law, but again I would be very surprised and I am aware of no such case law that provides a definitive number of miles.

        Rather, the decision will depend on a number of circumstance, both objective and subjective, to determine whether or not you will have quit your job with good cause attributable to the employer. Some factors in addition to increase in commute will be ease of commute, increase cost of commute, family obligations, etc..

        Can you provide more specifics?


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