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salary question New York

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  • salary question New York

    I started earning in an hourly rate, two years later i get switched to salary with a bigger income which is great, now i want to know what salary really is, i tought that salary was earning an established certain amount of money, regardless of the hours i put in, i work for a dental office and my employer tends to take days of and with out him the office is closed, the problem is that he is taking those days of from my paycheck, is that legal, and if it is isnt it his fault for closing, i should still get paid shouldnt i, is there a governmental organization that deals with this kind of issues for the state of new york or US in general?

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    Salary vs. hourly is a payment method. What you need to look at is whether your position is exempt or non-exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you are non-exempt, then you don't have to be paid for any hours that you don't work.
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