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Someone advise if this is legal? New Mexico

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  • Someone advise if this is legal? New Mexico

    I moved to New Mexico on OCT 1, 2007 to accept a job I was recruited for. After two weeks of stellar performance, I am upper level management, with impeccable qualifications, 23 years experience, same field. Two weeks ago I was hiring a new employee and inquired with the payroll clerk, a subordinate, as to proper application procedure, and to make sure that I had filled out all the appropriate forms. Her statement to me was "I don't expect MEN to ever do anything correctly." I advised her that this was an inappropriate response to my inquiry and that I did not appreciate the comment, and that I considered it "man bashing." I went to my immediate supervisor and made him aware that I did not like to be spoken to in that fashion and that I thought it was inappropriate. He stated that she was always like that and that he would speak with her and not to be too concerned. The very next day I was informed by the company comptroller that a "harassment" suit had been filed against me. I stated that never had I experienced such a rediculous thing in my career and that I would fight any claim against me in regards to this. The comptroller stated that this is something they had dealt with before with the complaintant, and that they "had my back" completely. The following day I went to the head of the company and told my story and he stated, "don't worry about the spics around here, he would handle it." I returned to work. Keep in mind that in 16 days I had improved my department gross profit almost 7% which is the largest improvement in the history of the company. I am more than qualified for my position, and, not to boast, but very good at it! Also, keep in mind, I was recruited to come here by the company, I did not apply for the position. I was promised reimbursement of all my moving expenses and a 10k per month guranteee for the first 3 months of employment until I could fix their 3 year old problems and develop a profitable staff. On Oct. 30 I was terminated from my employment and the only reason was that "I brought exposure to the company." I asked about if it was in regards to the supposed suit filed against me or the claim for attention I brought against the payroll clerk. They stated they could not give me any further information. I asked them to put my termination in writing and they stated they would have to speak to the GENERAL MANAGER before they could do that. Now its the next day, I haven't heard from them what so ever, they stated I was not fired as of yet, and that my performance had been impeccable, as I questioned them in regards to whether I was the man for the position, and they stated, "YOU ARE THE BEST WE HAVE EVER HAD AT THIS POSITION." So I again inquired to the reason I was being let go, they stated they could give no more information. Now I have worked for them for one month, incurred $3000 worth of moving expenses, missed no time from work, worked 6 days a week, 13 hours per day, and dedicated my time to their company. To this point I haven't recieved one penny of salary and none of my moving expenses, and no official reason for termination! Hell, I don't even know if I have been terminated and no one will speak with me from the company! I inquired to the labor board to find out if any claims were filed against me, and they stated yesterday, nothing with my name appears in the record, and no action has been taken in regards to the payroll clerk in regards to my statements to my superiors. She is working today! Should I just move on, or do I have something here.

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    I gave up reading your missive. You'll get responses if you make it easier to read by adding some paragraphs/white space, and deleting the extraneous information, such as how wonderful an employee you've shown to be in 16 days.
    I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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      sorry so long, however i have had a response from an attorney who states this is a violation of civil rights law and harassment law, so looks like i may be correct after all.


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        So, guess you don't need us after all.
        I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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          will take all advice

          I will gladly read all opinions from anyone who may be able to direct me!


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