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weekend/holiday pay dates New Jersey

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  • Betty3
    Here's the actual law: N.J.

    34:11-4.2. Time and mode of payment; paydays

    Except as otherwise provided by law, every employer shall pay the full amount of wages due to his employees at least twice during each calendar month, on regular pay days designated in advance by the employer, in lawful money of the United States or with checks on banks where suitable arrangements are made for the cashing of such checks by employees without difficulty and for the full amount for which they are drawn. An employer may establish regular paydays less frequently than semimonthly for bona fide executive, supervisory and other special classifications of employees provided that the employee shall be paid in full at least once each calendar month on a regularly established schedule.

    If a regular payday falls on a nonwork day, that is, a day on which the workplace of an employee is not open for business, payment shall be made on the immediately preceding work day, except where it is otherwise provided for in a collective bargaining agreement.

    The end of the pay period for which payment is made on a regular payday shall be not more than 10 working days before such regular payday, provided that if the regular payday falls on a nonwork day payment shall be made on the preceding work day.

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  • Pattymd
    From the APA Guide to State Payroll Laws:

    If regular payday falls on a non-workday (i.e., when location is closed for
    business), pay on preceding workday (unless union contract provides otherwise) if it is within the 10-day period, or, if it is not, pay on
    workday preceding

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  • sondrafaith
    started a topic weekend/holiday pay dates New Jersey

    weekend/holiday pay dates New Jersey

    If an employees pay schedule is on the 1st & 15th, what happens if those dates fall on a weekend or holiday? Is the employer required to make payroll on a business day prior? Or can they hold the checks until the next business day??
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