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Is This Discrimination/Harassment/Bad management?

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  • Is This Discrimination/Harassment/Bad management?

    I currently work for a billing office with 4 other women. When I first started working there, my manager voluntarily started telling me how much certain people (by name) made. During the course of working in this office, I have experienced alot of stress due to other employees 2 in particular who are jelous and are always in my business and are always trying to find something to complain about. If I dont cross a T, it is an issue (that is how petty these two girls are). I have gone to my manager in confidence (so I thought.) Basically to discuss some legit concerns and issues and have been going on. She apparently had already known this about these employees and began telling me how many times (by name) each of them had been written up and for what reason. Bad mouthed these other employees to me and called them names. Remember, this is my manager who I am supposed to feel comfortable confiding in and trusting with Employee/Employer confidentiality. She went and told the other employees what we had talked about. To me that is a no no. She has turned around and bad mouthed me ( I have accurate proof of this) and lied about me to the other employees who already talk about me (I also have proof of this) and really bad mouth me too. I dont feel that this is professional at all, and dont feel like she is a good manager. She tells you one thing (think that is what I want to hear) and turning around and telling the other employees the complete opposite (thinking that is what they want to hear) I feel like she has been a huge instigator in this hostile environment. She told me that the reason they (herself, another manager, and the owner) dont do anything or say much to anyone about the tension that is going is is because they dont want to "Rock the Boat." I am to the point that I am completely not comfortable talking to anyone and continue to be stressed on a daily basis, because I know that all of this negative stuff is going on.To me that is a lame excuse and dont believe they are acting like management. Yet, they have threatened our jobs in a mocking way. I am completely stressed out. Do you have any advice for me?
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    It is just bad management, rather than illegal discrimination. The next time she begins to confide in you, let her know, in as least offensive way as possible, that you are uncomfortable in knowing information about the other employees.
    Lillian Connell

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