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UI appeal Wednesday 4/6 Missouri

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  • UI appeal Wednesday 4/6 Missouri

    Following a difficult year there, I was terminated from my job on 2/1/11. I filed immediately for UI benefits, and was denied. My appeal with the tribunal is wednesday, and I am unsure as to what I need to be prepared to say and present to the referee. I was denied due to "DQ, misconduct. The claimant was discharged because of absences which violated the employer's attendance policy. Not all of the absences which caused him to violate the employer's attendance policy were unavoidable and properly reported." The policy is that I must give 4 hours notice before calling off a shift, or it is treated as a no-call. My attendance at the company, was I missed one day, in June '10, as I was in the ER. I gave 6 hours notice. I was given permission to leave early due to not feeling well, on 8/27/10, and left 4 hours early. On 1/2/11, I was 20 minutes late due to a migraine, and on 2/1/11, I was terminated for not reporting to work, during the blizzard that hit STL that day. I was actually en route to my job (30 miles away), and ended up stranded at a gas station. I called my supervisor multiple times, informing him of the situation, and that ultimately, I did not feel safe driving any further, as my defrosters couldn't keep up with the ice fall. He told me that if I didnt end up "at work, or in a hospital trying to get there, (I) could find a new f***ing job". I apologized that my health was my more important priority, and he fired me. I found out later, that the company had given hotel rooms to the other employees for the snow. I had asked my supervisor two days prior (have phone records, and sent them to both parties and the referee for this case) if I could share a room with him, and he told me that if I wanted a room, it was my problem. I tried to ask other co-workers to testify to this, but none will even answer their phone. When I got my appeals packet, it has four disciplinary actions in it. One for missing an outbound truck (never happened), one for leaving early on 8/27, one for tardiness on 1/2, and the final for missing on 2/1. None were signed by me, and in fact, this is the first I have seen of them. The disciplinary form for the day I left early says that I "did not have supervisor's permission". In fact, my supervisor had given me permission before I came to work that day, over the phone, with my mom standing next to me. I had called him to call in, and he asked if I could work half a shift instead and I agreed. Apparently, he either wrote me up behind my back then, or he did it 6 months after the fact. What can I do? Thank you all for your help in advance!

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    About the only thing you can do is just be truthful.
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