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Holding my paycheck.

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  • Holding my paycheck.

    My employer let me borrow a book at a personal level had nothing to do with business, it was a 5$ book and I told him I would return it.

    Today is payday. He brought me into his office and said he would not give me my paycheck until he got his book back.

    I work paycheck to paycheck. From this paycheck I get gas. Pay car payment and get food then return home. I was actually in the negative this week so I was not able to return home to get this book. (it costs me 15$ each time to get to work and back)

    I told him this and he still refused to give me my check.
    I had to get a ride from a friend to go to my house and am still not able to get a ride today.

    Is it legal for him to hold my paycheck in missouri?
    If not can you show me where in the laws it says he can not do this?
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    Actually, there is no law that says specifically that the employer cannot "hold" your paycheck for such a petty reason (or even for what some might deem a logical reasons). The only law there is in your state regarding pay days is here:

    Violation of public policy? Probably. Violation of implied contract? Probably

    Seriously, what does he expect you to do? Your friend couldn't pick you up today? Family member? Ride a bike? Take the bus? OTOH, you need to find a way to get to work or risk being fired for job abandonment. Make sense? Of course not. Read world with an employer who would do this? Don't count him out.

    As DAW says, sometimes a bad employer is just a bad employer. Start looking for other work and when you find it, walk.
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      Also, direct deposit can be your friend if you let it.

      I worked at a place where we let the line managers distribute checks (bad idea - different story). The line manager pullled the same stunt with a different excuse. Of course, it was not a check, just a direct deposit remittance advise. Something that the line manager did not bother to verify before pulling this little stunt. The employer never bothered to try picking up the remittance advise.

      In fairness to the line manager, he was covered by the ADA, specifically, he was an idiot. If he had not done this, he would have found some equally stupid issue to flex his authority on. I sometimes get the impression that people become managers because they are not smart enough to hold down a real job. Probably someone who would have been a king somewhere a few hundred years ago.


      Getting the check is no big deal. Just return the book, and never borrow anything from this moron again. But like Patty said, this guy is now and will forever continue to be a jerk. If he does not do this again, he will do something equally obnoxious. Time to quietly start looking for another job.
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