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Drug test and Criminal history Missouri

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  • Drug test and Criminal history Missouri

    My friend applied for a job a while back, When she put in her application all her experience was listed and she disclosed all. This company then made here goto a Drug test and fingerprints at her cost to the tune of $130 dollars.

    She took a test drive with another driver who she says was very hostile towards her. After that the company strung her along for three weeks acting like she was going to get the job, Just to tell her that she was not approved for the job because of lack of experience.

    She passed up 2 potential jobs because she thought she was going to get this position.

    So she is out 2 job's and $130 dollars.

    The clencher, My friend say she has found out that all the current employee's are male and they hired another guy in the time they turned her down.

    The question, My friend, due to being unemployed currently is light on money, Can she take this company to court to get her $130 back?

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    She can try. The legal concept is called "detrimental reliance". It might work. It might not. The courts tend to keep this particular legal concept on a short leash. People have sometimes won, but more frequently they lose. Still, small claims court judges sometimes make decisions more based on equity then law.
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      I was actually just trying to find out if she had a hope in small claims court, All she is after is to get her $130 back that they friviously made her spend even though they never actually planned on hiring her.


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        As DAW noted previously, she might get her money back in small claims court under the concept of detrimental reliance. (she "relied" on the job being hers) She can try.
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