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    In November I was advised by my boss that the program I was on would be doing layoffs in Jan, but if I took a position in another facility then I would be working on a program that would not end until March and then may have an opportunity to go back to the facility I was originally in. I went to the new facility. Once I got there I found out that they did not get the contract I was to be working on so they put on another project. On Tuesday I was advised that our company is doing some restructuring which will result in me either being laid off or demoted on Friday due to no fault of mine. Do I have any rights? Do I have to accept a demotion and can they cut my pay. I am currently salary and they want to demote me to an hourly position that I do not feel will pay the same, but $ will not be discussed until Friday. Is there anything I can do if I get laid off? I have never been written up, and I have had no correctional action taken against me. We just had our yearly reviews and mine was good, above average. When they call me into their office to have the talk can I ask to have the conversation recorded so that I have record of exactly what took place? I really appreciate any help I can get here. one more thing.. We get raises once a year and I just got my raise for last year. They have lowered my monthly salary and added money to my quarterly bonus. If I do not get laid off, the possition they are going to offer me is an hourly possition with out any type of bonus. I am not sure if I can consider my bonus as part of my salary.
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    You don't have to take a demotion or pay cut. Refusing it is called resigning. Heck, you could take the demotion and pay cut and they could still let you go down the road a piece. The unemployment folks might see your resignation as being with good cause attributable to your employment.
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      It looks like your employer has tried to do everything they can to keep you employed. It's up to you - take the job at the wage being offered or no job at all. Clearly your employer is having financial difficulties right now and they're trying to do the best by you as they can.


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