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Is this in Mississippi?? Mississippi

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  • Is this in Mississippi?? Mississippi

    I was working Law Enforcement and was required several 24 hour straight shifts without any oppurtunity to have anything to eat no way to use the rest room if i had too or anything because i was babysitting a prisoner in the hospital is this legal? being that i had to drive and everything during this 24 hours and assistance was available but the Supervisor denied it. And also they were paying me anything after 8 hours a day was overtime then changed it to after 40 hours a week then changed it to after 80 hours ever 2 weeks to now its 86 hours every two weeks? not only all of this they have a officer whom has broke several discplinary problems and has never been repremanded i have never had not one write up and they moved me from my job to another position DEMOTED and said my position was uliminated and then filled it less than 24 hours later with some who hasn't been there 1 month and keep in mind i have been there a little over 3 years....somebody please help and when i called in to my supervisor to tell him my wife was having surgery because of this reason he would then tell the rest of the co workers what was going on with her and/or me and to me that is all personal ....give me some advice please

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    OSHA requires that employees be given "reasonable time" to use the restroom. Honestly, you could go 24 hours without going?

    Are you union?
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