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Quit due to harrassment from Manager

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  • Quit due to harrassment from Manager

    Good afternoon, I have been going through many situations with my manager since the month of December of 2005. Many things have happened. The most recent occurence was yesterday 5/4/06. I had 53 hours of PTO to use. I was not feeling well and made a Dr. Appt. I then sent an e-mail to my manager requesting to use 3 hours of my PTO to go to leave for an appointment. I did not want to discuss what kind of appointment because it was very personal. She responded by saying what kind of appointment and why didn't you know about this sooner? It all escalated from there. First of all, I did not think that I had to share that with her. After her arguing with me a bit, she approved my time off. As I was talking to my co-worker, I saw that my manager and her were exchnaging e-mails in regards to me. My manager was discussing personal things about me to another co-worker, which upset me, because it was private and work related. The following day, I confronted my manager in hopes that we could resolve the issue. I was wrong. She denied it all until I told her that I have physical proof. She then made excuses and turned it all back on me as if I did soemthing wrong. We went back and forth through e-mail and I got so upset that I asked her to grant me PTO so that I could go home. I suffer migraines and because of the stress, I had a bad one. A few hours after I got home, she called me. I answered and she started bothering me at home while I was on my personal, paid time off. She asked me to come to the office in a few hours so that her, myself and my co-worker could discuss all of it. Keep in mind that she told me she was very mad at me and not happy with me....for what??? So, I was very upset and crying and was not about to go down to the office on my time off to discuss it. This morning I sent her an e-mail apologizing for not coming in but I was very sick with a migraine. I told her that I was feeling better and that I just wanted to forget about the previous day and get through today. She e-mailed me back saying that she is not happy with me and that whe she asks me to do something I better do it. I was on approved PTO!! I should not have been harrassed and bothered like that in the first place. Many e-mails from her followed, very degrading one's and I felt like my rights as an employee were violated and she just kept harrassing me after I asked her to please just leave me alone. I could not handle it any more, so, I forwarded all of her e-mails to her boss...the owner of the company and explained to him why I left and that I was being harrassed by her. There is so much more to all of this. This is just a little of the problem. What rights do I have and is there anything I can do about this? Thank-you.

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    Sorry, but your rights were not violated in any way. Harassment doesn't remotely come close as defined by the law. Your boss sounds like a jerk and control freak, but nothing illegal took place. You are in a nasty enviroment and the best thing for you to do is get out.
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