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Previously Employed College Graduate Eligible for Unemployment? Minnesota

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  • Previously Employed College Graduate Eligible for Unemployment? Minnesota

    I'm having a hard time finding any documentation on whether I am eligible for Minnesota Unemployment.

    I've been working in Minnesota since I was 17 years old and am now 25 years old. In Spring of 2009 I graduated from graduate school and haven't been able to find full time work. From 18-24 I worked during the school year for North Dakota State University and during the summer for a company in Minnesota. Since graduation I have been living at home working whatever temp jobs I can get.

    I feel I should be eligible for unemployment for two reasons:

    1)The job I worked at for 5 years while in college paid 8.50 without benefits. Thus I was not making enough to live on and had to move home in order to survive. Once home I am unable to find employment.

    2)The job I worked at for 5 years while in college was dependent on my being in school, while I was not fired from the position I was no longer eligible for this position because I wasn't in school anymore. Thus I did not quit willingly.

    Do either of these reasons qualify me for unemployment and under which clause? Do I file for unemployment in Minnesota or North Dakota?
    Any answers or places I could find further information would be ever so helpful. Thanks!

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    Was your employment on campus under the federal work-study program? If so, I believe that colleges are exempt from contributing to the unemployment system for work-study students which means that you cannot collect unemployment.
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      No I was not working under a work study program.

      Is there any documentation for applicability of recent college grads?


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        If you voluntarily left employment because the wage was lower than you liked, you would not qualify. States are not in the habit of awarding benefits to those who choose no compensation to some compensation.

        If you are working temp jobs you would likewise not be eligible. Between temp jobs you may be but it will depend on whether you have worked enough to qualify.
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          Since you would have UI wages in both states in the base period (if you file by December 31, that would be July 2008 through June 2009), you would file in your resident state.

          Go ahead and file if there is no temp work for you at this time; you have nothing to lose. Note that with an interstate claim, it takes longer to determine your financial eligibility because they have to contact the other state.
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