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Overtime- Salaried Employee Minnesota

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  • Overtime- Salaried Employee Minnesota

    I am a warehouse manager for a company in MN. I have been employed with the company for over 2 years. When offered the job it was agreed that I would work 45 hours per week. My schedule is- (per my manager)
    Mon- 5pm- 2am
    Tues- 5pm- 2am
    Wed- 5pm- 2am
    Thurs- 7pm-5am
    Friday- 5pm- 2am

    My issue is for the past year and a half I have worked.
    Mon- 4pm- 230am
    Tues- 5pm-230am
    Wed- 5pm-330am
    Thurs- 7pm- 5am
    Friday- 5pm-430am
    I close the warehouse and any night there is OT for the Union employees I am required to stay until the next manager comes in in the morning. (I am non-union) worse case scenario I could be required to work until 330 every Mon/ Tues/ Wed and on Fridays until 630am. Also I was recently told that my schedule would be changed to require me to come in at 4pm on Mondays.

    Can anything be done about this? Are there any laws for determing OT, if any, for salaried employees? Or, I guess, any advice/insight would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    "Salaried" is merely a pay method. The real issue regarding overtime pay is whether you are exempt or nonexempt. As a manager of an identifiable business unit, it is likely that your job duties may qualify you as exempt under the law and, accordingly, you would not be legally entitled to any additional pay above your regular salary, regardless of how many hours worked.
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