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Part Time Employee Question Minnesota

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  • Part Time Employee Question Minnesota

    I have a few questions about part time employment. I am currently working part time for a company in MN. The company has said that all the full time and part time employee have to work overtime to get some unfinished work done because they are behind. Can the company mandate the part time employees work??. Also even though I am a labeled as a Part Time employee. I work sometimes over 40 hours a week and over 80 hours every 2weeks. Is there any laws pertaining to that??? Thank you for your time and any help you may have would be very appreciated.

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    You have not described anything unlawful. In fact the law does not define what constitutes full-time and parttime. Such determinations are made via company policy. The 40-hour marker is a determining factor in calculating overtime.

    It would be perfectly legal to require a parttime worker to work 40+ hours.
    And the company may make such hours mandatory.


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      As long as you are getting paid time and a half for every hour over 40 that you work in one workweek, they are doing nothing illegal.


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        Sure, the company can require you to work more than your normal hours, including overtime (so long as you get paid for the overtime, if you are a non-exempt employee).
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