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From hourly to salary Minnesota

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  • From hourly to salary Minnesota

    A friend of mine has been working in the cleaning industry for a long time. She has worked her way up the corporate ladder rather successfully. While doing this she has to put in numerous hours day and night sometimes reaching 80-90 hours a week. To save on cost her manager moved her pay rate to salary employee without her knowing. She was supposed to receive her check and her boos told her that he made arrangements to be salary. I was wondering if this is legal or is it just morally wrong? any help would be appreciated.


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    By "salary" do you mean a fixed amount of pay per week, no matter how many or how few hours she works, and she will not be paid for overtime? Was she receiving overtime pay previous to the change?

    What exactly does she do for this company? That's exempt. "Salaried" is merely a pay method.

    Minnesota does require that decreases be advised prior to working the hours at the decreased rate.
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      yes, by salary i mean set amount of pay per week, so no matter how much she works she is being paid a set salary. Before the change she was receiving overtime pay sometimes 10-15 hours a week. And now she is paid for the standard 40 hour work week, but her working hours has not changed. They have infact increased with a larger work load. As for work conducted she is an ops manager for a cleaning company, meaning she set-ups work hours for employees, customer relations, billing, pay-roll, etc...and more above and beyond items.

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