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cut break time Minnesota

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  • cut break time Minnesota

    I work in a factory that reqires you to change in to a suit in order to do your job.

    recently magegeny hasn'y been happy with the work that is being put out so they decided to shorted our paid break

    we work 12 hour shifts so the made the breaks 15/35/15 meaing that we have to be back at our stations or get suspended

    i know the mn laws does not state a amount of time that is needed just an adequte about of time

    is this legal

    this is for minnesota

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    You are lucky that you work in Minnesota. Most states do not have provisions requiring rest or meal breaks. Based on your post, it sounds that your employer has met their responsibilities with respect to state mandated required breaks.

    I'm wondering if a union is present and are you a member. If yes, you could discuss this with your union rep. He/she should be able to review the CBA to see rules regarding breaks were established.


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      Also any time that's spent changing in (don) and out of (doff) your protective gear is considered compensable. This time should not infringe on your required breaks.


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