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Demoted Minnesota

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  • Demoted Minnesota

    I work as a contractor for a major company. So basically I'm employed by one company but work at another doing preventative maintenance. There used to be 4 of us doing this job. Than the company we do the work for cut us back to 3 people. One of the guys was forced to go back and work for the company that employees us and than he comes to work out here when one of us is gone. When he left he was forced to take a $5 an hour pay cut plus he lost the $400 a month truck allowance. While he was working for our employer he fell off a ladder and was injured and he sued the company. About 12 months after the injury all of a sudden I was told I wasn’t doing a good job, but I’ve never received any verbal or written notice of this, and they are replacing me with the guy that got hurt. I was told that the company we work for requested the change, so now I have the lower pay and truck payment missing. I’ve now heard that when the injured employee sued the company that it was in the lawsuit that they had a certain time period to get him back out at the site and making the increased wages. So the basically lied to me about the reason for the job change and I’m being financially penalized for him getting injured. Plus it makes more since because I’m still allowed to substitute when one of the guys are gone, so if my performance is that bad, you would think the company would request that I’m not allowed back. Did my employers wrongfully demote me?

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    It may be unfair to you but it is not illegal in any way, no matter what the reason for demoting you and hiring back the other guy. Wrongful Termination means that you were terminated for a reason prohibited by law. No law prohibits this, so it isn't a wrongful termination.
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