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Two Week notice Minnesota

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  • Two Week notice Minnesota

    Hello. I work for an employment company. As per company policy, if an employee gives a Two Week Notice that ends their employment, we may choose to tell them not to return to work, but we will pay them for that two week time period. Is this something that is only a company policy or is it a labor law?

    A friend of mine put in her two week notice today at the company she is employed at. They told her they didn't want her to come back after today. Are they legally required to pay her for those two weeks? If so, if she is able to start early at her new job (she had told them she could work in two weeks) without jeopardizing the pay from the last employer.

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    It's a company policy. No state requires pay past the last day worked, even if it is the resignation is accepted immediately.

    I have to say, though, for the benefit of employers who might be here, if you expect a 2-week notice, it's not a bad idea to pay out that 2-week notice anyway. Reason being that, if employees find out (and they will) that you let people go immediately, they'll stop giving notice. This really doesn't apply to temporary jobs through staffing agencies, though, since it's pretty standard practice not to give notice. Just my $.02.
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      Thanks! My friend's job was not a temp job. She was a full time perm. employee. I am just trying to help her out. I think it is in her best interest to at least ask to be paid for those to weeks. What do you think?


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        She has nothing to lose. Have they paid other employees off in similar situations?
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          I don't know. She left her handbook at the place of employment, she doesn't know if they will pay any beinifits accrued either. Hopefully they will.


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