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got fired but they claimed i quit? Michigan

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  • got fired but they claimed i quit? Michigan

    well i had a funeral to attend and i informed one of the managers i needed that day off, when i got back to work they told me to go home, and meet with the main manager, i couldn't attend nor contact her. now they are claiming that i quit because i didn't meet with her. and claimed i did a no call no show on a day i wasn't supposed to work, is there anything i can do about this?

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    May I ask what resolution you are looking for?
    - If you are looking to be un-fired, your employer had a legal right under Employment-At-Will to terminate employment, for any reason that is not illegal. Neither story listed is illegal on it's face, so I see no cause of action for you to get your job back based on what you have said. Your employer could say "you did nothing wrong, you are the best employee ever, and by the way, you are fired", and that would be a legal termination because no actual laws were violated.
    - If you are talking about UI, file the claim and tell the truth. You tell your story, the employer tells their story, and the state gets to decide whose story that they (the state) likes best. You can presumable support the funeral, which should be enough. On the other hand, your state UI folks do not care even a little bit about my opinion, your opinion or anyone else's opinion. They think that only their opinion counts, and legally, they are correct.
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